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Link In SMS

We enable Business Applications to Send Secure Rich Content Messages over SMS to any smartphone in the World by automatically inserting a URL in the SMS, and much more…

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Link In SMS – Solves the Problem of SMS Lacking Rich Content and Security

Inserting a Link In an SMS enables your applications to send large amounts of rich communications to any smartphone in the world over SMS with recipient authentication.

Our Link In SMS service automatically generates and hosts a secure custom HTML Web page and then delivers the rich content in a simple SMS message as a URL link. To open the link, an optional password can be provided to ensure the recipient is authorized.

For each SMS recipient, a custom web page is created and inserted in the SMS text message, allowing viewing of the HTML page with a simple tap.

Effortlessly send full web pages of your info to your SMS users.

How Does Link In SMS Work?

We convert your rich content into a secure web page on the fly, creating individual link URL’s for each of your SMS recipients.

The URL is inserted in an SMS message and delivered to the recipients.

You can use our Email to SMS. We convert the email body into a secure HTML webpage.

You can also integrate your business application with our service using our Webservices API

  • The Link In SMS system leverages the reliability, simplicity and global reach of SMS.
  • Easily communicate up to 16Mb of content via SMS
  • Solve theĀ  challenge of delivering rich content to any smartphone in the world using SMS
  • Reduced costs for customers by transferring larger amounts of data in shorter SMS’s
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Used Across Industries

Business Processes across Industries Require Rich Communications delivery to Smart Phones

  • Local Government Agencies
  • Monitoring Software
  • Supply Chain Processes
  • ERP and CRM Messaging
  • Customer Service workflow
  • Library Services
  • And More…