Application To Person SMS (A2P SMS) messaging is growing fast. It is a cost-effective way to provide a targeted and personalized mobile experience. Clearly, it’s a result of the fact that we are always accessible and online. There are applications, bots, IoT devices, websites, and servers, ready to send us data. The LinkInSMS platform allows easy Application To Person SMS messaging using email SMS and HTML. It is simple to integrate for many types of applications.

Using technologies that integrate easily and use a common platform, such as Email, SMS, and HTML, can help provide agility to a business. This is because these systems are well established, and thus less risk to the organization. You won’t become locked into technological integrations, apps, or code bases that, in the future, could become unsupported.

Types of A2P Messaging

Informational, Conversational, and Promotional/Transactional are the main types of A2P messaging.

  • Informational A2P SMS involves sending information such as reminders, alerts, and account updates to people. For this, you need to have the express consent of the recipient. They provide their number for the purpose of receiving this information via SMS. These types of messages are of a nature that the recipient would expect to receive, at some point, from the sending organization.
  • Conversational messaging is normally two-way in nature and is normally customer-initiated, and with that comes implied consent to receive further messages.
  • Promotional A2P messages involve providing marketing or promotional material about an organization. These types of messages require the expressed written consent of the recipient.

LinkInSMS can be used for all of these messaging types. However, the LinkInSMS system is especially suited to Information A2P messaging. This is because, by design, we create and host a custom HTML page of data that is delivered via SMS. Because the data is formatted, it is intelligible and useful to the recipient.

SMS Hyperlink Concerns

There is a significant focus, and industry concern, about the governance of scam messages, which of course includes fraudulent and deceptive links in SMS messages. The challenge is that the recipient of an SMS message can find it hard to tell between a scam message and a legitimate message.

As an industry participant, we strongly encourage organizations to help maintain good cyber posture by informing and educating their customers and users about the messages that they might receive. Organizations should include information about the legitimate domain that an SMS may contain. At LinkInSMS, all of our messages will use followed by 10 characters.  Our custom HTML pages may also be password protected. We also recommend obtaining a 10 digit long code, or Toll-Free number, and communicating that number to your recipients.

LinkInSMS can help businesses solve cybersecurity and reputational risk issues by communicating in advance about the sender ID, relevant domain, and password to open a short URL in an SMS. Used in combination, it is more likely to become apparent to recipients when an incorrect combination of sender ID, domain, and password is received. Ultimately it becomes much harder for cybercriminals to duplicate this system.

Benefits of a Link in an SMS

By inserting a link in an SMS;

  • You leverage the reliability, simplicity, and global reach of SMS.
  • Solve the challenge of delivering rich content to any smartphone in the world using SMS
  • Reduced costs for customers by transferring larger amounts of data in shorter SMS’s

LinkInSMS as a Service

LinkInSMS is an online service that provides communication services for organizations across industries. Our Easy Application to Person SMS messaging using email SMS and HTML takes only minutes to get started. Check out our guide on how it works.

LinkInSMS enables organizations to remove the existing limitations of an SMS message. It does this by adding the ability to elaborate and expand the content of SMS to make organizations far more effective in their communications. Subscribe now for a free, no-obligation trial.

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