LinkInSMS is rich in capabilities. Below are commonly asked questions

How can I insert a link into an SMS automatically

LinkInSMS automatically inserts a link into an SMS after creating a hosted secure custom HTML Web page using the sender’s content. The rich content is delivered as a URL link in a simple SMS message. For each SMS recipient, a custom web page is created and inserted in the SMS text message, allowing viewing of the HTML page with a simple tap. A unique question and answer can optionally be assigned to each SMS to ensure the correct recipient is opening the SMS message.

Can LinkInSMS send messages to countries other than USA and Canada?

Yes. Address the recipient with a +CountryCode or 0111CountryCode.

For instance, a message sent to Australia using Email would have the TO field look like +6112312345@linkinsms.message-service.org

What is the cost of a message sent outside of the USA or Canada?

To see the cost of a message sent outside of the USA and Canada, just send a message to the desired phone number. You will see the actual cost in the Email report sent back to your Main Email Address on your account and also within the Customer Portal.

The cost of a USA message is $0.06 per 140 characters.This includes the link that can be to a Web Page of up to 16MB

What is the Sender ID the recipient of the SMS message will see on their phone?

The general purpose Sender ID for USA and Canadian customers is 1-917-909-4153.

For USA recipients, the customer can rent a Long Code at a nominal monthly fee to be the customer account’s constant Sender ID for USA and Canadian Calls.

If the call is going to an international number, then the Sender ID can be set in the Customer Portal / My Details.

If the message is TwoWay, then the Sender ID will be chosen from a pool of numbers provided by LinkInSMS that will randomly change.

Can a recipient reply to a message sent by LinkInSMS?

Yes. The message should have a tag in the message <TwoWay> on a line by itself.

When the user replies to the SMS, an email with the reply contents will be sent to the user’s email address or an email address set in Customer Portal / My Details / Default SMS Reply Email.

The reply will also be able to be seen in the email report. Workflow processes can then be triggered based upon the reply using tools such as Microsoft Power Automate.

Is the SMS Sender ID consistently the same for LinkInSMS messages?

Yes. The SMS Sender ID is consistently the same for One-Way LinkInSMS messages. When you subscribe for a free trial, you will see the same Sender ID each time for One-Way LinkInSMS. However, if the SMS is Two-Way, then the number will be chosen from a pool of long-code numbers so that we can track the replies.

You have the option to purchase a LongCode from us for a nominal monthly fee that is added to your monthly charges. Then the number will be unique to your organization.

Can I be assured the recipient of the SMS message is authenticated

YES, The SMS message can optionally be secured with the use of an authentication question. This helps assure that the recipient of the message is the intended recipient. The question must be answered correctly by the recipient to be able to open the URL link in the SMS message. The question and answer are set by tags put in to the Email or the List. Refer to our Features Document

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