You have sent an email to a customer. But, there has been no response. You wait. You send another email. Still, you get no response. You have no idea if this person has seen the email or not. You don’t want to call for a number of reasons. One important reason is you have sent critical information as a link in the email. The customer must click on the link to see the information. So, what do you do next?

Solution to No Response From Email

Use SMS to send the email. You will be able to get your message immediate attention without being sent to a SPAM email folder or lost in the myriad of unimportant emails that this person gets every day. But, how do you do that?

Use Link In SMS. You send formatted information just like you would use email, but you are using SMS.

Link In SMS can send links, rich content, and everything that can be sent using email. All you have to do is just make TO field of the email use the person’s phone number. An example would be something like this:

SMS Messages Get Through

The most universal communications channel is SMS. The most effective platform to accurately convey information is HTML formatted Web page.

A major limitation of SMS is the lack of complexity and size of the content. However, this need not be the case. Link In SMS can easily create a personalized, secure web page of data directly from an email. Thus we’ve combined the best features of email in HTML formatting, and the personalized urgency of SMS.

Easy to Send Rich Content via SMS

It is as easy as making the TO field look like

    • phonenumber for the USA and Canada is something like 5551231234, for example For Non-USA and Non-Canadian numbers, a +country code is required in the phonenumber. For example (The number does not need to be preregistered with LinkInSMS.)
  1. The “FROM” email address must be the same as specified when you become a member – or is a special email address you provided us as a Send-Only email address.
  2. Type in anything you want in the subject field using less than 120 characters.
  3. The message in the email will be converted to an HTML Web page, up to 16MB, and a link to the page will be inserted in the SMS message.
  4. And then just send the email. The recipient will receive a link to the custom web page.
    1. Optionally, you can set an introductory message and you can set a wrapper for the message behind the link. These are examples:
      1. A message from the Support Group at Link In SMS. To securely view this message, tap here – %%linkinsms%%
      2. This information is from the Support Group at Link in SMS


Business Enterprise Use

Link In SMS is used in a broad range of industries.


Link In SMS as a Service

Link In SMS enables organizations to remove the existing limitations of an SMS message. It does this by adding the ability to elaborate and expand the content of SMS to make organizations far more effective in their communications. Learn more here.

Application To Person SMS (A2P SMS) messaging is growing fast. It is a cost-effective way to provide a targeted and personalized mobile experience. Clearly, it’s a result of the fact that we are always accessible and online. There are applications, bots, IoT devices, websites, and servers, ready to send us data. The LinkInSMS platform allows easy Application To Person SMS messaging using email SMS and HTML. It is simple to integrate for many types of applications.

Using technologies that integrate easily and use a common platform, such as Email, SMS, and HTML, can help provide agility to a business. This is because these systems are well established, and thus less risk to the organization. You won’t become locked into technological integrations, apps, or code bases that, in the future, could become unsupported.

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