Password-protected SMS is now available & with unlimited* data!

For the very first time LGAs (Local Government Agencies) can:

  1. Send password-protected SMSs to customers
  2. Create a password that is UNIQUE & UNFORGETTABLE

SMS is still by far the most effective way to reach customers, and now it’s even more powerful with the LinkInSMS innovative password-protection system.

Compare this to emails, which routinely can be:

  • Automatically moved to Spam folder
  • Unprotected
  • Delinquent / unreachable
  • Ignored, etc.

Below are just some examples where LGAs may want to send SMS messages that have:

  • Password protection
  • Rich content (any combination of graphics, text, video etc)
  • 2-way communications.


how LGA can leverage LinkInSMS

Password Protection Recommended Unlimited* / Rich Content




SMS & Content control by LGA

Dog & cat registration renewal / overdue notifications

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Overdue reminders for: taxes / rates / fees / debt recovery

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Works Management:

Worker OHS&W

(eg; outdoor workers need to follow SOP rules for weather conditions, correct usage for heavy equipment)

Development applications / updates / rulings
Councillor elections & meetings
Advertising fee renewals
Busking / street-side vendor license renewals
Hard rubbish collection – changes or reminders

Alerts / Warnings

(eg: fireworks notifications so dogs don’t escape properties etc)

Urgent road conditions (closures etc)
COVID-19 community updates
Library event cancellations / reminders etc
Library WiFi access
Recreation center events (such as community swimming pools)

* 16 Mb page limit


LinkInSMS can provide unabbreviated & rich content (ie full details) that a normal SMS cannot, whether or not the SMS is best served with password protection.  Additionally, LinkInSMS offers other benefits & features that far surpass a normal SMS, such as:

  • Reduced costs by transferring larger amounts of data in shorter SMS
  • 2-way SMS: auto collate responses from customers
  • Ease of use – send messages directly from your email client or use our advanced API

 Reach Out

Let us know if we can assist you in meeting your communications goals. We have a lot of experience and LinkInSMS is available on a free trial.

Dog & Cat Registration Renewal / Overdue

With password protection that is unique & unforgettable by each recipient

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Overdue reminders for: taxes / rates / fees

With password protection that is unique & unforgettable by each recipient

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