Just like in the early 2000s most businesses foolishly threw money at creating a website without truly understanding its purpose or even what return on investment they could expect.  It was merely a perception that they ‘must’ have a website.  Many businesses nowadays, which are probably run by those who were not around in the early 2000’s, are also failing to leverage the knowledge founded after the ‘.dot com’ bubble.  They are falling into the same trap of misled compulsion to spend money on creating an app without clarity of purpose and benefit to themselves and the customer, let alone dimensioning a return on investment. 

It now seems that wisdom is catching up with these contemporary decision-makers, who are finally asking the obvious questions like ‘do we need an app?’, ‘can we achieve what we need via established mechanisms?’

‘App apathy’ and ‘App fatigue’ aside for a moment, organisations are perhaps overlooking the obvious ability to leverage an existing and robust technology that still has the strongest presence in the mind of mobile device owners…SMS.

SMS now breaks conventional thinking via the extremely powerful LinkInSMS product. Not only can it deliver rich content that is commonly expected by organisations, but it does so in a manner that is ‘front and center’, and rarely ignored by the user.  Contrast this directly with an app, where a user firstly needs to be made aware of an update – let’s face it, this is highly unlikely unless it’s a favourite social media app or, just by chance, it is noticed that there is a change in the number on the app badge (and if it’s greater than 1, how many people even know when the number in the badge was incremented?…it’s easier for the user to just ignore it).  So many things to consider for an organisation when attempting to quantify the usefulness of an app.  At best, it can be a guessing game with negative results to both capital and operating expenditure.

A quick look at LinkInSMS will immediately highlight the similarities in the content delivery with an app but it will also highlight the difference in ease of adoption & cost savings, not to mention the removal of all the headaches, effort, and risk of potentially ‘getting it wrong’.  Why?  Well because everyone already knows the reliability, ubiquitous nature, and global acceptance of SMS…which just became even more powerful with LinkInSMS.

See how easy it is how it ranks above an ‘app’ for organisations  – free trial at https://LinkInSMS.com

Link In SMS as a Service

LinkInSMS is an online service that provides communication services for organizations across industries.

LinkInSMS enables organizations to remove the existing limitations of an SMS message. It does this by adding the ability to elaborate and expand the content of SMS to make organizations far more effective in their communications.

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