SMS Messaging is a reliable means to get important information to employees or business partners. However, the limitations of SMS text messaging often keep it from being used in mission-critical business processes. Text messaging is limited by the lack of formatting and low text character limit, which is necessary to convey detailed information. MMS and RCS attempt to address this issue. However, they too have limitations that cause barriers to wide adoption for mission-critical applications.

LinkInSMS – Solves the Problem of SMS Lacking Rich Content

LinkInSMS provides the ability to send a large amount of formatted data (16MB) to a cell phone as an SMS. These messages can come from monitoring software or any business application. Messages with the formatting requirements of an HTML Web Page can be automatically sent to just about any cell phone in the world using simple SMS.

  • LinkInSMS allows the user to send a large amount of rich communications to any smartphone in the world.
  • LinkInSMS automatically generates and hosts a secure custom HTML Web page and then delivers the rich content in a simple SMS message as a URL link.
  • For each SMS recipient, a custom web page is created and inserted in the SMS text message, allowing viewing of the HTML page with a simple tap.

Integration with Business Applications

There are several ways to easily integrate LinkInSMS with your mission-critical business applications. The first and fastest way is to use our email capability. If your application or monitoring software can send an email, then you can have the service send an SMS that will carry up to 16MB of fromatted data to any Smart Phone in the world.

This is an example of the easy steps to integrate LinkInSMS using an email interface.

  1. Enter in the “TO” field
  2. The “FROM” email address must be the same as specified in the subscription process – or is a special email address you provided us as a Send-Only email address
  3. Type in anything you want in the subject field
  4. The message in the email will be converted to an HTML Web page, up to 16MB, and a link to the page will be inserted in the SMS message
  5. And then just send the email. The recipient will receive a link to the custom web page

There are more ways to integrate LinkInSMS with your business processes, such as access LinkInSMS through our Customer Portal or use our API for advanced application integration. Learn more about How LinkInSMS Works.

The Solution for Business Communications

LinkInSMS provides the business results you have been looking for using the most widely used communications network. That is SMS.

  • The LinkInSMS system leverages the reliability, simplicity, and global reach of SMS.
  • You can easily communicate up to 16Mb of content via SMS
  • LinkInSMS solves the challenge of delivering rich content to any smartphone in the world using SMS
  • LinkInSMS reduces SMS costs for customers by transferring larger amounts of data in much shorter SMS’s

Contact us for more information. We love to share our enterprise business communications experience.

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