For the very first time Local Government Agencies can:

  • Send password-protected SMSs to customers
  • The password is UNIQUE & UNFORGETTABLE

SMS is still by far the most effective way to reach customers; and now with SMS password protection, the power of LinkInSMS has now been even further elevated.

Compare this to emails, which can be:

  • Automatically moved to Spam folder
  • Overlooked in a sea of emails etc.

Below are just some examples where Local Government Agencies will likely want to send a Unique & Unforgettable Password-Protected SMS to customers:

Example Password-Protected SMS
Dog & cat registration renewals notifications
Overdue rates reminders
Development applications/updates/rulings
Councillor elections & meetings
Debt recovery notices
Advertising fee renewals
Busking / Street-side vendor fee renewals
Library Wi-fi access


Other important ways LGAs can leverage LinkInSMS:

LinkInSMS can provide unabridged rich content (ie full details) that a normal SMS cannot, even when password-protection is not required, such as communications for:

  • Hard rubbish collection reminder
  • Alerts / Warnings (eg: fireworks notifications so dogs don’t escape properties etc)
  • Urgent road conditions (closures etc)
  • Worker OHS&W (eg outdoor workers need to follow SOP based on weather conditions)
  • COVID-19 community updates



EXAMPLE: Dog License Renewal

Password Protected SMS
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