Let’s face it the world is complex, and never so more in business operations. With all of the data at hand today, you need to relay that to your customers with ease. The LinkInSMS system focuses on ease of use, so you can maximize the value of your business interactions with people. This happens by closing the gap between business systems and people.

Information is most valuable when it is useful and timely. And to be useful the data is not only refined but sufficient to be understood. By improving the amount and formatting of data so that it is useful, we allow for a greater volume of information to be meaningful to the recipient. The LinkInSMS system does this in one integrated system.

Is it just a short URL?

Many people use bitly, tinyurl and other URL shortening services, then insert those links into SMS messages. This usually requires development integration to the apps that you already use, and of course is another subscription fee. Many SMS service providers have mobile landing page solutions that can deliver rich content over SMS. Many require custom templates and are designed for sales or marketing.

The LinkInSMS system integrates with Email and SMS. We create the SMS body, a custom webpage, short URL, and send the SMS in one platform. The elegance of the system is that it requires no developers to get started. We include no-code user options to enhance the functional attributes of your automation – such as time period sending.

Create a Webpage from an email

At its simplest level, we create web pages from an email, and send it in an SMS. This is perfect for automating IIoT communications where large amounts of data can be easily transmitted via email. This helps to close the gap between business control systems and IIoT solutions (Industrial Internet of Things).

The mobility factor of information exchange from connected devices has never been so important. By sending information with LinkInSMS over the ubiquitous SMS network, you obtain a scalable cloud-based communication solution.

Digital transformation – Go!

Incremental change is a smart approach. Your digital transformation with LinkInSMS starts when you subscribe to a free trial. There’s no catch.

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