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Notify is retiring
Notify will be retiring. The last day of operation will be 4 July 2021.

We appreciate your support of Notify, your feedback has contributed to the development of this program.

Coinciding with this disruption, Halmax is launching LinkInSMS; and it delivers a significant improvement in both product and service when compared to

LinkInSMS adds a security feature to each SMS that you send; this means that only the intended recipient can access its content. Each SMS can be as rich and graphical as you want – no longer are you restricted to the ‘usual’ one-dimensional text-based message that can make it difficult for you to distribute simple or complex information. In addition to sending messages from the LinkInSMS Customer portal, you can also leverage our easy-to-use API or even send to your base via your email client…simple enough for anyone to manage and very little technical expertise is needed.

Our 30-day free trial allows you to see how it works. Simply go to:

Furthermore, to ensure that Australian government entities do not contravene Australian data security guidelines, LinkInSMS, unlike many others, does NOT send your data offshore as a way to reduce the cost per message. Our cost per message is the same low rate you were paying for the NOTIFY service. But, now you have access to a service that is a ‘game changer’ for you and the recipient of every SMS you send via LinkInSMS.

Contact us to discuss the easy transition from Notify to LinkInSMS

LinkInSMS Expands the Use of SMS

Although LinkInSMS sends standard text SMS messages, LinkInSMS can also deliver a URL link within an SMS message, automatically. The URL link in the SMS points to an HTML web page that was automatically created by LinkInSMS using the content provided through the Customer Portal dashboard, or from the sender’s email, or from an API integration. Each message will have an SMS message part and the URL link to the web page that was automatically created and hosted by LinkInSMS.

This allows a single SMS to communicate large amounts of data over the ubiquitous SMS network inexpensively and seamlessly.

  • LinkInSMS allows the user to send a large amount of rich communications to any smartphone
  • LinkInSMS automatically generates and hosts a secure custom HTML Web page and then delivers the rich content in a simple SMS message as a URL link.
  • For each SMS recipient, a custom web page is created and inserted in the SMS text message, allowing viewing of the HTML page with a simple tap.

Contact us for more information. We love to share our communications experience.


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