Keeping Data Secure

Security with LinkInSMS


LinkInSMS has several security levels to protect your data as it travels through communications channels


Secure Transmission

LinkInSMS Security Levels

You can now securely deliver rich content to smartphones using SMS. LinkInSMS uses universally available platforms and security to deliver large amounts of formatted data from mission-critical business applications to just about any Smart Phone in the world using SMS.

Authentication of Recipient

Rich communications can be sent as a URL link in an SMS. The link  can optionally be secured with the use of an authentication question. This helps assure that the recipient of the message is the intended recipient. The question must be answered correctly by the recipient to be able to open the URL link in the SMS message.

If the ‘question’ and ‘answer’ tags are included in the originating email sent to our service, then when the recipient clicks the URL link in the SMS message, they are presented the LinkInSMSSecurityQuestion text and have to enter the LinkInSMSSecurityAnswer (case insensitive) to be allowed to view the linked page. For example: Question: “ Please enter your last name” Answer: “Smith”

Secure Web Page Creation

LinkInSMS automatically creates and hosts a secure custom HTML Web page using information from the email sent to our service from a business application or from the API.

Secure Transmission

The message is transmitted to the recipient as a secure HTML web page using an HTTPS active link in the SMS message. HTTPS uses TLS (Transport Layer Security). TLS provides that the content of the message is securely traveling from our cloud-based messaging platform to the Mobile phone protected from “man-in-the-middle” attacks. The message cannot be read while the data is in transit.

Consistency in Delivery Attributes

LinkInSMS helps businesses solve cybersecurity and reputational risk issues by communicating in advance about the sender ID, relevant domain, and password to open a short URL in an SMS. As an industry participant, we strongly encourage organizations to help maintain good cyber posture by informing and educating their customers and users about the messages that they might receive. Organizations should include information about the legitimate domain that an SMS may contain. At LinkInSMS, all of our messages will use followed by 10 characters.