A Single Page Application (SPA) separates the creation of the presentation from the content. By separating the presentation from the data, personalized data can be inserted for each unique recipient. Responsive designs for mobile, desktop, and tablet are all automatic.

A Single Page Application (SPA) can be delivered using SMS. This is done automatically with LinkInSMS. We insert the URL to the Single Web Page in the SMS.We also personalize each Single Page Application using data from a List database.

There are many benefits to SPA solutions, such as personalized messaging, reduced development time, and infrastructure costs.

How LinkInSMS Does Single Page Applications

LinkInSMS allows you to send SMS messages and pages of customized data out to a whole list of recipients at one time.  Some examples:

  • Send out daily schedules to staff members.
  • Daily send out stock prices for all customers portfolios
  • Send out health alerts to people who have been in contact with an infectious individual.
  • Send out fire warnings to people in danger of needing evacuation with links to evacuation plans.

To send out a message like this, you either upload a list with all the needed recipient details via the Customer Portal or you code your systems to send the recipient data using our API.

Personalizing Each Message to a List of Recipients

You can customize your message and web page for each recipient.  This is done by including the required personal data in the recipient list. So then when you send your message to these recipients the SMS would be something like:

Hi %%firstname%%.  You have an appointment on %%customfield1%%.  Please visit %%linkinsms%% to see your appointment details.

For the Web page part, there are two options for customizing the resulting page:

  1. Send us shared web page content that should be merged with the custom data. Dear %%firstname%%.
    You have an appointment at %%customfield1%% at our office at:
    123 North Road.
    Eastville.Please bring your checkbook
    Other instructions…

Or, don’t send us a shared page. In this case, the contents of the LinkInSMS field in the list above will be used.  This lets you send completely individual pages of data for each recipient.

Message Personalization in Account Profile

As an additional feature, in your user profile in the Customer Portal, you can set LinkInSMS header and footer values, so that you can have a Logo and other links automatically wrapped around any LinkInSMS HTML content.

SMS IS the preferred Delivery Method

SMS text message proves to be remarkably resilient. SMS is better than email for urgent messages simply because of the immediacy of delivery and ease of access. Also using a Single Page Application delivered through SMS, you can avoid the development of a Mobile App.

A Link In SMS is Better Than an APP

As we state in our previous post: “LinkInSMS Better Than An App

It now seems that wisdom is catching up with these contemporary decision-makers, who are finally asking the obvious questions like ‘do we need an app?’, ‘can we achieve what we need via established mechanisms?’

‘App apathy’ and ‘App fatigue’ aside for a moment, organisations are perhaps overlooking the obvious ability to leverage an existing and robust technology that still has the strongest presence in the mind of mobile device owners…SMS.

SMS now breaks conventional thinking via the extremely powerful LinkInSMS product. Not only can it deliver rich content that is commonly expected by organisations, but it does so in a manner that is ‘front and center’, and rarely ignored by the user.

Link In SMS as a Service

LinkInSMS is an online service that provides communication services for organizations across industries.

LinkInSMS enables organizations to remove the existing limitations of an SMS message. It does this by adding the ability to elaborate and expand the content of SMS to make organizations far more effective in their communications. Contact Us for more information. We love to share our business communications experience.

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