The humble text message proves to be remarkably resilient. Despite the vogue of messaging apps, the simple fact is that SMS texting is built into every mobile device. SMS is better than email for urgent messages simply because of the immediacy of delivery. There is a uniquely private element to receiving and sending an SMS. Our mobile number is a part of our digital DNA.



The most universal communications channel is SMS. The most effective platform to accurately convey information is HTML formatted Web page.

A major limitation of SMS is the lack of complexity and size of the content. However, this need not be the case. LinkInSMS can easily create a personalized, secure web page of data directly from an email. Thus we’ve combined the best features of email in HTML formatting, and the personalized urgency of SMS.


Looking forward

The development of 5G IoT will allow for a faster connection and greater volume of data transfer between devices. Our smart cities, tablets, networks, blockchains, and humans will all be involved. Therefore, one of society’s needs will be for personalized, secure data, transferred over SMS.

My favorite feature of LinkInSMS is the unrivaled alchemic integration of email and SMS. We’ll turn your email into a personal webpage, secure it with a password, and deliver it with an SMS body of text. This allows for rich content, and for providing consumer trust with a security layer.

We think SMS is better than email for urgent messages. Not only can you notify yourself when an urgent email arrives, by using forwarding rules from certain senders, but you can also provide the content through the same SMS.


Easy Creation

The implementation of business messaging is critical for premier customer support, business continuity, and process efficiency. However, integration projects can become a major effort. Sending large amounts of data with special formatting from monitoring software or directly from an IoT device to a smartphone could require program development with specialized hardware and software.

LinkInSMS provides documentation for business process enablement, featuring Email-To-SMS, Customer Portal and an easy to program and powerful, API.


Benefits of a Link in an SMS

By inserting a secure URL in SMS;

  • You leverage the reliability, simplicity, and global reach of SMS.
  • Solve the challenge of delivering rich content to any smartphone in the world using SMS
  • Reduced costs for customers by transferring larger amounts of data in shorter SMS’s

LinkInSMS as a Service

LinkInSMS is an online service that provides communication services for organizations across industries. Our SMS messaging using email, SMS and HTML takes only minutes to get started. Check out our guide on how it works.

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