The SMS of the future is specifically designed for businesses of the present.  Conventional use of SMS is for businesses in the past!

Businesses Need a Bigger SMS

Until recently, SMS was not a tool that easily lent itself for businesses to fully leverage. After all, it could only be used under circumstances that were limited to abridged messages, which could barely communicate its purpose, let alone be any true value for neither the sender nor the receiver. Therefore, businesses used it sparingly and viewed it as low-value or only a mildly necessary component of their operations.

It’s taken a long time to arrive at the point where all types of businesses can use SMS exactly the way they want, and for it to deliver efficiency gains across the board.

Enter the SUPER-sized SMS…

SMS Supersized for Business Applications

Let’s be mindful that SMS is still the most widely accepted technology across the globe. Any enterprise system that includes an SMS component usually requires little or no implementation effort or cost to the business for that module (only)…and moreover, there’s little or no lead time for adoption given that everyone has SMS as an integral form of communication on all their devices. So, given that all its perceived limitations have been removed, it’s never been clearer that the time is now to leverage its new features and capabilities, which can catapult operating efficiencies

Only the Super-sized SMS offers comprehensive communication that all businesses can leverage using all the media types expected in today’s world. This means there is virtually no constraint on the way data is presented or the volume of the data delivered. Here are merely a few example cases that will illuminate thought for other possibilities for use of Super-sized SMS:

  • A set of videos to guide workers in the field
  • A table of live prices for commodities
  • Occupational health updates for home-workers.

Any enterprise would gladly accept significant business improvement that involved no change management, no training, and virtually no cost to implement across an enterprise. Now the Super-sized SMS automatically aligns with its conventional SMS predecessor as being the most reliable and ubiquitous form of communication with one favorable exception – it has evolved into a multi-dimensional super communicator. This can no longer be ignored by any enterprise!

LinkInSMS Answers the Call

LinkInSMS is the Super-sized SMS mentioned above.

Its systems are designed for immediate adoption and to be simply configured to the needs of all types of enterprises.

See how the Super-sized SMS works.

Link In SMS as a Service

LinkInSMS is an online service that provides communication services for organizations across industries.

LinkInSMS enables organizations to remove the existing limitations of an SMS message. It does this by adding the ability to elaborate and expand the content of SMS to make organizations far more effective in their communications. Learn more here.

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