Thank You

for subscribing to LinkInSMS by Halmax Pty Ltd

You will receive a welcome email in the email mailbox that you specified in the subscription form.

NOTE: Please ensure the domain used in the Company Web Site in the subscription form was the same as the domain in the Company Email Address. If these do not match, the service will not work. Contact us if you have any questions.

You are now able to send $5.00 USD worth of LinkInSMS messages for the next 30 days.

Use the Customer Login to see the status of your jobs that you submit during your trial period.


You can set up your password for your account when you first use the Customer Login. To do this, click the “I Don’t Know My Username and/or Password” button. When logged in, you can also make changes to your profile, such as the timezone used for reports.

— If the website domain was not the same as the email address domain, the service will not work. Contact us if you have questions —

Our service is rich in features. However, to do a simple test:

  1. Send an email message FROM the email address you used during your subscription to our service.
  2. Enter in the TO field. – phonenumber for the USA and Canada is something like 5551231234. For example For Non-USA and Non-Canadian numbers, a +country code is required in the phonenumber. For example +6112312345@linkinsms.message-service-org.
  3. Enter a short SUBJECT field – This is used for reporting by default.
  4. Enter something like formatted HTML in the content of the email and hit SEND (maximum 16MB)

To become a customer and use the LinkInSMS service beyond the trial terms of price and time limits, choose how you would like to pay for usage from one of the following options:

Login to, go to MyDetails-> Add Credit to top up your account with a Debit Card, Credit Card or PayPal account, using the secure PayPal link.


To receive an invoice after usage has been incurred, send a purchase order to the email address


Request an invoice for a prepayment amount.

Contact Us if you need further assistance