Business messaging is critical for the continued success of any organization. Effective business messaging is the way employees and management communicate to achieve organizational goals. The objective is to improve organizational efficiency by reducing misunderstandings and broken value chains.

Critical Aspects

A business message must be conveyed through a commonly available communication channel to the intended recipient. It is essential that this message be understood by the recipient in the same terms as intended by the sender. Delivery and timeliness are essential to effective business communications.

The Message

The Message is a key idea that the sender wants to communicate.

Communication Channel

The communication channel is a means used to deliver the message. The sender must choose an appropriate channel for having the message effective and correctly interpreted by the recipient.

The Recipient

The recipient is the person for whom the message is intended. The message must be delivered to the correct recipient authorized to receive the information.

Universally Accessible

Failures of human communication can become amplified in professional settings. In business transactions, especially those involving large amounts of money, a small miscommunication can have devastating effects. The message must be easily retrieved by the recipient. The conditions that an employee, customer, or supply chain partner can vary greatly.

The most universal communications channel is SMS. The most effective platform to accurately convey information is HTML formatted Web page.

LinkInSMS creates a custom HTML Web page delivered through a simple SMS message. For each SMS recipient, a custom web page is created and inserted in the SMS message, allowing viewing of the page of HTML with a simple tap. This allows a single text message to communicate large amounts of formatted data to a receiving smartphone anywhere in the world.

Easy Creation

The implementation of business messaging is critical for premier customer support, business continuity, and process efficiency. However, integration projects can become a major effort. Sending large amounts of data with special formatting from monitoring software or directly from an IoT device to a smartphone could require program development with specialized hardware and software.

LinkInSMS provides easy delivery methods such as Email-To-SMS, Customer Portal and an easy to program and powerful, API.

Detailed reports are provided to the enterprise customer for business reporting through the Customer Portal and through optional detailed reports that are sent to operational email addresses. These reports show dates, times, success or failure of the messages, and more. The detailed reports can be exported for import into the customer’s BI applications.

Confirmed Recipient

We’ve discussed how the LinkInSMS system solves the problem of sending rich content via SMS. But what about sending secure content.

When sending critical business communications, questions arise if there is a typing error in the destination mobile phone number?; Could someone pick up my phone when I am not around?;

What if the data could simply be sent in a secure way via SMS. LinkInSMS can do just that.

With LinkInSMS, you can ask for the recipient to authenticate that they are the expected recipient of the business communications.


Rich communications can be sent as a URL link in an SMS. Access to the content in the URL link can optionally be secured with the use of an authentication question. This helps assure that the recipient of the message is the intended recipient. The question must be answered correctly by the recipient to be able to open the URL link in the SMS message.

Positioned for Business

LinkInSMS is positioned for the business environment with a robust Customer Portal and enterprise communications features. The customer can easily customize the company’s business communications by creating lists of pre-set recipients, setting predefined headings and footers including logos, message templates, and much more.

Contact Us to discuss your business messaging requirements. We love to share our extensive experience in business communications.

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